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Did you know HEARING JOURNEY offers TWO ways to learn about Advanced Bionics technology directly from AB recipients and share your cochlear implant experience with others? We encourage you to visit both HJ CHAT and HJ FORUM for the best Hearing Journey experience.

HJ CHAT meets every Thursday evening from 7-10 pm ET/4-7 pm PT for a live exchange of questions, answers, and support. Please join by logging in and clicking on the green "US Weekly Chat" box on the home page. **Once in the chatroom, if you are prompted to log in again and cannot with your HJ username and password, please log in as a Guest, but with your HJ Username.

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Introducing our HJ Forum Moderators!

HJWebModeratorHJWebModerator Green Level Member admin

Hello HJ Community! You may have noticed that our HJ Moderators have become more active on the online community, so we wanted to introduce them and make sure you know who they are and how they can help you!

HJ Forum Moderators are AB Community mentors who support the HJ online community on a regular basis. They welcome and assist new members, share experiences, encourage discussion about life with cochlear implants, ensure that members are following community guidelines, and alert AB to sensitive and urgent issues.

If you have questions about the online community or need support, don't hesitate to reach out to our moderators by sending a private message to Michael or CIBlue (click on their username and then hit "Message"). You may also email [email protected] to connect with our team of Outreach Specialists.

HJ Web Moderator
[email protected]


  • cbhcbh Platinum Member ✭✭✭

    The HJ now has the perfect moderators to actively promote and add to the many discussions regarding AB CIs. Personal experience and expertise matters!

    Well done Michael and CIBlue!

    AB Mentor, and SC BEA Chapter Leader. Progressive Severe / Profound bilat. hearing loss since age 26, with no known cause. Implanted left ear on 21 July 2010 - Activation Friday 13 Aug 2010.  Right ear: Implanted with Mid-Scala on 22 June, 2015. Activation 22 July 2015  <3 
  • Just wanted to share a huge thank you to Michael and CIBlue for the warm welcome this week. I've participated in many online forums over the years, and this experience has been wonderful.

    Left ear - surgery 11/21/22 // activation 12/19/2022

    Profound bilateral loss due to meningitis at infancy // Began wearing HA in right ear in 1984 // Began wearing HA in left ear in 2011


  • @cbh @amonkie I agree 100% 👋. This HJ Forum has been a godsend for me with my CI journey. Unfortunately we don't say "thank you" enough or loud enough for those AB Moderators who keep us headed in the right direction. Thank you, Michael and CIBlue.

    Implanted right side 10-25-2019;
    Activated 11-11-2019 using Naida Q90 SP; Upgraded to Marvel M90 11/16/21
    Bimodal, using Phonak LinkM HA
    Residence: Bradenton, FL, USA
  • CIBlueCIBlue ✭✭✭✭


    Left ear - surgery 01/11/17 // activated 02/14/17 // revision 12/07/20
    Right ear - surgery 06/20/18 // activation 07/24/18
    Left ear diagnosed with hearing loss 1991 // Began wearing HA in 1998 // Right ear diagnosed in 2003 and began wearing HA

    Betty W
    HJ Moderator
  • Michael Michael Green Level Member ✭✭✭

    @moshe1436 And thank YOU for coming by to help others by sharing your experience and advice! :-)

    Late-deafened, progressive sensorineural hearing loss.

    2009 recipient; implanted asynchronously in June and December.

    Twin Cities, Minnesota

    HJ Moderator

  • Good morning everybody, this is danny, been a while since I open this site, but I try opening it sometimes and read a lot of comments and advice, Its nice to have online like this on, I really appreciate it.Thank you

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