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denice · Orange Level Member ·

About Me

My name is Denice and I am mom to 11 daughters! Cochlear Implants allow my youngest Ali to keep up with her sisters, every waking moment…much to their dismay! And the same miraculous procedure has allowed my ASL using daughter Rachel to find joy in daily life at a whole new level!


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My favorite thing about my AB Cochlear implant is
They are simple to use, easy to maintain, and take the daily abuse of a high energy 6 year old! They are also quite streamlined offering a simplistic look that my daughter will feel comfortable with in the years to come~
With my AB cochlear implant, I can
Develop independence and self esteem at a level that tells you she is truly connected to this world on her terms and is only limited by her own imagination and inspiration
My favorite sound is
The la, la, la music cd…she appreciates the interactive songs at a level that drives her teenage sisters nuts!
I chose AB because
We fit…the personal connections we instantly made with folks at the Bionic Ear Association made the decision easy for us…The BEA audiologist made me feel like there was nothing more important in her day than helping me plan my child’s cochlear implantation…that matters…and she is still right there for me …that type of commitment makes me feel Advanced Bionics will be there for my child long after I’m done being her cruise director…and they will give quality care to her all along the way…that is great peace of mind.
I am a BEA Mentor because
I am daily inspired by my children and I hope to inspire others…It is a journey filled with winding detours…and if I can help simplify for one parent the journey…well then it is worth the time and energy I spend.
I can help cochlear implant candidates by
Sharing daily details that simplify our child’s implant usage...and preserve the parents’ sanity! Implant candidacy processes can be so overwhelming…I hope to remind folks to take some time to enjoy the ride…it will be over soon, and the outcome…will be amazing!