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SueCr · Blue Level Member ·

About Me

I had measles when I was 8 which damaged my hearing nerve, then Menieres Disease at 53 damaged my hearing even further. I am married to Eddie Croft, I have two grown up children. My hobbies are playing badminton, motorhoming and watching Rugby, especially Leicester Tigers.


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My favorite thing about my AB Cochlear implant is
It has enabled me to regain my independence and confidence
With my AB cochlear implant, I can
Enjoy all the sounds I missed, like waves breaking on the rocks, birds calling, the noise of the wind in the trees.
My favorite sound is
Listening to a Scottish accent
I chose AB because
13 years ago it was the best product on the market with the technology in the implant to keep being upgraded and today the same still applies
I am a BEA Mentor because
I have gained so much from my CI, it has changed my life and I want others to be able to follow in my steps
I can help cochlear implant candidates by
Listening to what they have to say and helping them and answering the questions they have, either face to face or by email or phone