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Barry Klein · Green Level Member · ✭✭

About Me

I’m a late deafened man approaching retirement who spent almost 20 years dealing with slow progressive hearing loss until my audi finally told me she had no more powerful hearing aids, that my insurance no longer covered HA, but that I seemed to be a candidate for CI. I’m now a bilateral CI user having the right ear implanted on 08/29/13 and the left ear done on 04/04/14. My success is been life changing for me, considering I was reduced to surviving on what I could understand by lip reading alone. I focus on using the features of my Naidas, and I’m working on including more accessories to the mix. I enjoy participating in research studies to promote the further advancement of the technology, and I’m passionate about letting people know that there is hope to better their communication with cochlear implants. I proudly wear my processors as a beacon and am open to conversation with anyone who is curious. Although I don’t spend much time now with listening therapy, since everyday use provides continual opportunities, I initially invested a lot of time using CLIX and then Angel Sounds. My qualification levels of 95-100db and 6-10% speech comprehension scores are now raised to 15-20db and mid-high 90s%. I no longer rely on lip reading but don’t avoid it when available; however, I can now understand conversations that originate from directions that are not in front of me. Going bilateral also helped improved the quality of the sound I recognized and has helped me to appreciate music much more.


Barry Klein
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My favorite thing about my AB Cochlear implant is
Its been life changing!
With my AB cochlear implant, I can
Understand conversations without lip reading
My favorite sound is
Anyone I can talk with
I chose AB because
Their commitment to research, the benefits of power sourcing to each electrode individually, their customer service, and the sense of community found on Hearing Journey.
I am a BEA Mentor because
I enjoy sharing my experience with others and helping others is the little I can to do to show my gratitude for what I have gained.
I can help cochlear implant candidates by
I can encourage them through different listening therapies, I can help relate to their concerns and encourage them to recognize small steps of progress while their hopes have them focused on the far horizon in front of them.