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Cause of Hearing Loss: Initial HL possibly from high fever as a young child, adult onset sudden HL thought to be viral. Preferred Language: English, can also speak & write basic conversational Spanish Technologies: MyPilot remote, ComPilot, FaceTime app (on iPhone or computer); iPod w/ both Apple earbuds & DAI, Naida CI Q70, Neptune Social Media: Facebook Other interests: Outdoor sports & adventure (backpacking, climbing, hiking, bungee jumping) Other: Meeting in person, adventure & outdoor sports or anything else with like minded CI recipients & candidates Profession: Social Work for persons with developmental disablilities & intellectual disabilities Hide Section - System InformationSystem Information


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My favorite thing about my AB Cochlear implant is
After having sudden hearing loss on top of an already severe-to-profound hearing loss, I wanted stable hearing again and a better quality of life.
With my AB cochlear implant, I can
I love my AB CI's and I don't know what I'd do without them! My AB CI's have truly given me my life back and more than I ever dreamed of. Best decision I made.
My favorite sound is
I chose AB because
I chose AB for its advanced technology for hearing my best in a variety of situations, including work, music, and the outdoors.
I am a BEA Mentor because
I'd like to give back to people who may be struggling & in a similar place as I once was; also to bring awareness that anything is possible with AB CI's.
I can help cochlear implant candidates by
Offering support and answering questions, meeting local candidates for a bite to eat to answer questions, sharing my experience.