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daches · Orange Level Member ·

About Me

Retired Scientist and Engineer, married over 62 years to Carol. Our three children are very close to retirement age. Hearing impairment was first detected at age 14, diagnosed as SNL about 30 years later, and started using HAs. Experienced increasing difficulty understanding speech, even with increasingly powerful HAs. CIs suggested for the first time by an audiologist in April 2013. After much online study, selected Advanced Bionics, was implanted at the House Clinic in LA on June 6, 2013, and activated with a Harmony processor June 18th and 19th, subsequently replaced it with the Naida Q70 on September 16.


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My favorite thing about my AB Cochlear implant is
My Naida processor gives me better hearing than I can remember having as a teenager -- and I'm now over 80. I don't even notice I'm wearing it until I remove it.
With my AB cochlear implant, I can
now hear things that I couldn’t before I got an Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant: --Dialogue in movies and TV programs --Conversation in groups --Lyrics in songs --Clicks of keyboard, turn signals, beeps when setting oven temperature and security system --Bird songs for the first time in decades
My favorite sound is
Being able to converse with my family and friends, and enjoy a wide variety of music
I chose AB because
AB's dedication to continue improving the performance of their products, their outstanding customer service, and the way they readily supply technical information upon request.
I am a BEA Mentor because
I want to help others who have similar hearing problems make informed decisions about whether or not to choose a cochlear implant. I have been a research subject for AB, and mentoring would be another way for me to contribute the use of this amazing technology.
I can help cochlear implant candidates by
Sharing my experiences, and the steps in my decision process, to provide some insight into how it might work for them.